About Us

Our Values


At the core of what we do is always “What’s best for the carer or person with diversability?”
A non-negotiable that is not influenced by convenience or conformity.


We focus on empowering through embracing the diversity of abilities.


We’re innovative and we’re not afraid to be unorthodox if it means a better outcome for the people we serve.


Our staff are the best in the business. They are talented, fresh minded and determined to make a difference.

Our Purpose

At Mandala Care Group, we focus on diversability rather than disability.  This creates a culture of embracing the uniqueness and potential in every human being by focusing on the individuals ability and how we can help empower them through the diversity that their abilities offer.

What We Do

Carer Retreats

Helping Carers Manage & Avoid Burn-Out

Our retreats offer a tranquil escape from the demands of caregiving, allowing you to immerse yourself in relaxation and self care. Surrounded by serene natural settings and supported by our compassionate team, caregivers can unwind, recharge, and reconnect with themselves.


Social & Work Day Programs

A limitless future for diversability

When you join Mandala Care Group, you can choose to participate in Mandala Social, Mandala Work or both. The choice is yours.

Our Mandala Work program empowers participants (known to us as Team Members) to attend to real work tasks in a supported environment.


STA Respite (Short Term Accommodation)

An empowering respite experience

Mandala Care Group’s luxury short term accommodation packages are designed specifically for NDIS participants. An all inclusive with unparalleled comfort and care ensuring that your stay is not only comfortable but also aligns with your specific needs, preferences and goals.


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