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Carer Retreats

NDIS funded, includes post retreat support

Social & Work Programs

Customised innovative activities that empower & develop skills

Luxury STA Respite

Includes food, accommodation, support, activities & travel

Carer Retreats

Mandala Carer Retreats have been carefully curated with the perfect mix of relaxation and education, to assist with preventing Carer burn-out and exhaustion.

Sometimes carers need a little care too.

Are you experiencing Carer burn-out or exhaustion?

As a Carer, you probably put your own needs last. But taking time out for yourself is really important in preventing and managing Carer burn-out.

Mandala Care Group provides Carer training luxury retreats with the perfect mix of relaxation, education and fun, thanks to our accommodation and food sponsors. If required, we'll assist with providing a suitable carer for the person you are caring for, so you can have a break to look after yourself and recharge.

Our support and education goes beyond the retreat with 12 months of online wellness support provided to each carer who participates in our retreats. This is fully funded by NDIS. This ensures that you feel supported long after the retreat has ended.

We provide you with an opportunity to take a break, explore and enjoy our retreats. Step away from the daily demands and obligations of Carers and immerse yourself in an environment designed to nurture your body and mind.

Caring can sometimes be isolating and connecting with other Carers who understand can make a big difference. We believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive community where you can share your experiences, receive encouragement and find inspiration.


    When you join our retreats, we'll provide gourmet catering for all your meals - breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.


    Every attendee is treated to a LUX Mandala Gift Bag as part of their rejuvenating escape, so you can enjoy a bit of luxury at home.


    As a part of our commitment to your well-being, all our retreats include exclusive access to an ongoing support network through our private Facebook group.


    For 12 months after the retreat you will have exclusive access to ongoing monthly live virtual self-care and education sessions.

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Social & Work Day Programs

Mandala Social & Work programs are innovative alternatives to your typical day programs.

Our programs support all diversabilities to socialise and complete work tasks, whilst developing their individual skills.

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A limitless future for diversability.

When you join Mandala Care Group, you can choose to participate in Mandala Social, Mandala Work or both. The choice is yours.

Our Mandala Work program empowers participants (known to us as Team Members) to attend to real work tasks in a supported environment.

Mandala sets a new standard for economic and social inclusion for people with diversability, allowing team members to earn a small shared remuneration.

Team members engage in meaningful work tasks, socialise, contribute to their communities and develop their individual skills, regardless of their support needs.

Mandala Social provides access to events and activities you choose, whilst building important skills. Our support workers get to know you and understand your likes, dislikes and needs to ensure you have a great day.

STA Respite - Short Term Accommodation

We create personalised, flexible respite packages in alignment with your specific needs, preferences & goals. We are here to support you.

Mandala Respite is set in the picturesque semi-rural suburb of Duffys Forest on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Tucked behind Terrey Hills, just 40 minutes from Sydney's CBD.  You'll experience a relaxing haven like no other, where horses grace the streets and paddocks, you'll feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle.

Offering a unique experience centered around self & connection. Our most important resource in our journey towards personal empowerment.

As part of your respite package we have included activities that nourish and support deeper self awareness. We offer these activities within 5 key areas:

Wellness // Therapies // Nature // Adventure // Creative

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What is a carer retreat?

Carer retreats provide carers with an opportunity to take a break from their day to day responsibilities as a carer to rest, replenish and learn new skills to assist on their carer journey.

Our caring, experienced team provide tailored education and practical training to boost both skills and confidence with helping loved ones.

All food and accommodation is provided complimentary thanks to our sponsors.

Workshops and activities include:

Equine assisted learning, meditation, breath work, sound baths, laughing yoga, drumming, art therapy and emotional regulation.

Carers will also receive 12 months ongoing virtual support sessions as well as access to a private Facebook group so they can connect with other carers and access valuable tools and information.

Carers leave our retreats feeling supported, empowered with new skills to make their daily lives easier as carers. New friendships are formed and a strong sense of community.

Carers are gifted a LUX gift bag to assist with self care at home.

Who can attend a carer retreat?

Mandala carer retreats are open to carers of NDIS approved participants, with an Improved Daily Living budget.

We also welcome carers who care for individuals that are not on an NDIS plan, although this would not be funded by NDIS and therefore would be at the carers cost.

Mandala is proud to offer all attendees whether NDIS funded or not with complimentary food and accommodation due to the generous support of our sponsors.

What are the benefits of attending a carer retreat?

Attending a carer retreat offers a range of benefits, including stress relief, emotional support, relaxation, personal growth, and the opportunity to connect with others who share similar experiences. It allows caregivers to recharge and replenish, ultimately enhancing their ability to provide effective care to their loved ones.

By attending a Mandala retreat, you also gain access to 12 months of ongoing support via monthly virtual sessions as well as access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other carers and be provided with valuable information to assist you on your carer journey.

What can I expect during a Mandala carer retreat?

Our luxury retreats are tailored to provide carer training and support. This includes relaxation, self care and skills to help you support and care for an individual with a disability.

Activities and workshops are provided during the retreat such as equine assisted learning, laughing yoga, meditation, sound baths, emotional regulation and art therapy to ensure that you feel well rested and empowered in addition to learning new skills to assist you on your carer journey.

All meals and accommodation are provided at no further cost, thanks to our sponsors.

Our care and support continues after the retreat with 12 months of virtual sessions, access to a private Facebook group so you can network with other carers and receive valuable tools and information to support you on a daily basis.

What is STA respite?

STA respite, or Short-Term Accommodation respite, is a temporary stay designed to provide a break for both participants and their primary caregivers. It offers support, activities, and care in a comfortable setting.

Who is eligible for STA respite?

STA respite is available to individuals with an NDIS plan that includes funding for short-term accommodation. Eligibility depends on individual needs and circumstances.

How long can I stay in STA respite?

The duration of your stay can vary based on your NDIS plan and individual needs. We offer flexible stay options to accommodate different requirements.

Are the accommodations accessible?

Yes, our accommodations are fully accessible, with features such as wheelchair-friendly entrances, accessible bathrooms, and other necessary modifications to ensure comfort and safety.

How do I book an STA respite stay?

To book an STA respite stay, please contact us directly at hello@mandalacaregroup.com.au or complete the form below and our team will be in touch.

Is transportation provided?

Yes, transportation is included as part of our STA respite, ensuring you can travel to and from activities and appointments with ease.

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Mandala Care Group would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate. We pay respect to Elders past, present and future and value the traditions, cultures and aspirations of the First Australians of this land. We acknowledge and hold in great significance the valuable contribution that Traditional Owners have made and continue to make within the Community.